News Articles and Commentary on the Fadden Bombshell That

Pave the Way for the RCC National Awareness Campaign 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor 


Just how healthy a national discussion and debate is can in a significant way be measured by the kinds and number of think tank quality academics, independent experts and work-related specialists who contribute; plus who comes out of the woodwork to engage in character assassination, political spin and distraction-motivated irrelevance.  What was triggered by CSIS Director Fadden’s accusations puts the results in the category of ‘the RCC founder’s wildest dreams come true’.  



The RCC pinned its hopes for fundamental structural changes to government on the federal and provincial levels and full personal accountability for systemic violations of The Security of Information Act there and elsewhere in part on a patchwork of local and regional audiences by second tier news agencies.  What occurred after June 21, 2010 was extraordinary in extreme.  



One of the RCC invitees, The Epoch Times, whose publication is distributed in major Canadian cities, ran a front page headline the following week that draws attention to how the triangle of power and wealth is so obviously busy at ending the controversy as fast as possible that it succumbs to the criticism its operators are intentionally running interference to bury the truth; that they aren’t engaging in a bona fide debate on the issues and evidence, but rather sweeping reality under the political carpet.  The news agency published the story ‘Committee to Grill Fadden While Interference Continues’.   On July 4th the headline read ‘Fadden Criticized by Alleged Front Organization for Beijing’.



Two days earlier the Montreal Gazette also weighed in with ‘Canada Attractive Target for Spies, Experts Say; They Steal Secrets, Steer Public Policy.



The Mackenzie Institute posted this article on its website ‘Richard Fadden Had it Right: Have Foreign Governments Infiltrated Canadian Politics?’. 



The Calgary Herald praised the CSIS Director in a July 1st article entitled ‘CSIS Director Deserves Praise, Not Criticism'.  The Ottawa Citizen aired the same sentiment on July 3rd with ‘We Should Thank Richard Fadden'. 



The opposite was expressed by veteran Toronto Star newsman Jim Travers – a Sunday morning regular on CTV’s ‘Question Period’, whose headline on July 3rd screams ‘CSIS Boss Richard Fadden Must Go'.  How defensible is the position that’s expressed thusly:



Harper should extract or accept Fadden’s resignation before Parliament’s public safety committee meets.



Now that’s the Canadian spirit – punish him severely before getting a chance to defend himself.



Helpful to Director Fadden is what his predecessor said on the record in 2007 as documented in the July 3rd Canada Free Press article ‘China Isn’t a Friend of Canadian Democracy'.  That was followed the day after with ‘Chinese Communist Party’s Tactics to Influence Canadian Officials'.




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